Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Makeup Course week 8

This week was mature makeup.  In accordance with the unwritten parenting contract of 1984, my mum has to support me in my random ventures, and this week was no exception. 
She wasn't feeling great, in fact I woke her from a nap to come to class...hold up all you mother-side-takers I did offer to find a replacement model.  She said nope, she would come a long.

Now, I must mention, my mum NEVER wears makeup, if she does, lets say once ever 2 years, its a bit of mascara and some lip stick, that's it.  When she told my teacher this, the teacher (who's name is Angela btw, for future reference) looked at me and said 'so where did you get all your makeup know how, if it wasn't your mum?' 'um, self taught, I taught myself, what I didn't know I read, what I don't understand in words, I turned to You Tube for' this amazed her.  Just for shits and giggles, I told her I had an older sister too, and she taught me nothing. 
Actually not true, at the age of about 9, when my sister was 16, I learnt that if you put foundation on your whole face including your lips and you don't ad anything to redefine (no blush, no lip stuffs, nada) you bare an uncanny resemblance to a corpse.  I mean, she didn't mean to teach me as such, but, that's what I learnt.

Another thing worth mentioning.  I hate mature makeup, its not as fun, exciting or glitzy as my younger models, but here's what I did.

Mum, before the makeup:

And now, without further ado....Mum, post makeup:
You probably didn't notice in that 1st shot that my mum has blue eyes, bright blue eyes.  I did not get such luck, I got my dad's brown eyes, anyway, I really wanted to make these the feature and I think I managed it well.  Also she'd never worn false lashes before, so I trimmed down a few individual lashes and stuck them on.  She was quite happy, she told me 'If I could get used to wearing it, I would, it looks quite good'

Thanks mum!

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