Monday, 29 October 2012

US Haul- What's left...

The last of it, well the beauty goodies anyway.

This is a Clinique gift set, its got some pretty sweet things in it, including a 50ml bottle of my fave eye makeup remover ever!

And some nail glitter, I don't really use nail stuff, well I didn't before Beauty Blogger Utopia, but there are heaps of fun.

Thanks for bearing with me through all of the haul posts, I had to finish what I started!

:) again, Thanks Mum- she doesn't read my blog, but it seems the polite thing to do!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mo Makuep Mo Coffee

Great title right? well it's because this isn't about Makeup or Coffee, not really.  (no makeup no coffee...heh heh ohmyiamsofunny)

Anyway it's about Movember, now I know lots of us girls hate it, 30 days for which most of it our male friends, co-workers, family members etc. look like we should call them Sanchez and keep them away from our kids, jokes aside it does raise awareness for 2 things very close to my heart.  Men's Mental health (it's not OK to cry, toughen up....urgh) and Prostate cancer- 1 in 9 men will develop Prostate Cancer- take a look around, for me that would be a large percentage of my co-workers, its a 72:25 men to women ratio at my work place.

Why do I care so much? Well, you see while in my last year of Uni, my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  It was a shock, because he had no symptoms, but his Grandfather (my Great Grandfather) had died from it, so we were aware it runs in our family. It didn't make it easier to hear and it didn't make the fight easier to watch.  He's fine now, but he was sick. It was scary.

For the month of November I will me a Mosista, supporting my team the Cheesy Mo's to raise money for the cause.  I will personally be donning moustache earrings, a ring and out fit permitting a necklace.  Because it's what I can do to support the boys.

If you feel so inclined, you can sponsor me by heading over to my page here and throwing some money at the cause.

If you can't, that's OK too, perhaps you could utilise this and rock it like you grew it:

OR maybe just tell the next Cheesy Mo you spot he's doing a good thing!

FTR we are totes having a comp at works and there is a prize for the most money raised and I'd love to kick the boy's butts! Just sayin....

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Makeup Box- Stash Flash

Warning, if you hate Flash your Stash type posts- Feel free to jog on.

While at Beauty Blogger's Utopia, the wonderful sponsors The Makeup Box Shop gave each of us a mini makeup box.

When I got home form Sydney (actually, I was on the train) I found out I have won a large one in Sophie's giveaway comp over at Born to Buy.

I've been pretty much drooling over these since I came across the site, and I had decided that once my makeup room is up and running I would get one.  Well, fate intervened and I haven't had to (but I probably still will, because they are lovely)

I've devoted the smaller of the 2 to eye products, and the larger to 'items used most often' I have also put the makeup form my Project 100 Pan in there so I remember to use it. 
I can guarantee what is in these boxes now, might not be in 3 months, I find rearranging my makeup to be quite relaxing and these babies help!

Here's some photos of them full:

Apart from being hardy and see through they also have handy little features like stoppers, so the drawers won't come out if you pull them a bit far.  Mostly they are pretty and functional! Win Win.

The larger of the 2 site brilliantly by my sink so I can get to my P100P items easily and quickly.

Who else has one of these delightful boxes?  Do you keep the contents the same or do you change them?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

(more) USA Haul Part....3 (maybe) Palettes etc

I never got through the whole haul my mum brought back, so here's the rest, picture heavy because I don't have much to say!

Sephora Palette

Lots of colours, 36 Shadows, 12 glosses, 6 blushes.

Nordstrom Palette

48 Shadows, 48 glosses, 6 blushes and a big mirror!

Estee Lauder Palette

Stunning Palette, beautiful and luxurious, 6 shadows, 6 glosses and mini brushes.

MAC Lippies

5 of the lippies were BAC2MAC so didn't have boxes, the 6th Viva Glam- Nicki

Still think I'm a pretty lucky gal to have an awesome and generous mum, who brings back such goodies! Thanks mum!

I haven't named or swatched the lippies, there isn't anything new about them, but if you want to know about any of them in particular I can do it!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Balm Vs Illamasqua- battle of the liners

When my The Balm goodies arrived, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between Schwing and Precision Ink
 I've had the Illamasqua liner for a good while so I don't have the box...

Pretty much the same...



The brushes are very similar, the left is Schwing, the right is Precision Ink, the precision ink is a thicker brush, although I have had it longer and would expect it to be more blunt.

The lines are pretty similar, Schwing might me more glossy...

Just as I was about to claim these to be the same, I thought of one more thing, that, for me, stands Illamasqua liners apart form the rest, the ability to survive a water fight...

Annnd we have a winner, Schwing rubbed off with a little water and the Precision ink is still there...

Phew, I don't really know why it mattered to me so much, but it did, I don't like to buy one thing and find another identical, but cheaper/more expensive....OK I don't mind if I paid less for it and find it pricier elsewhere, but still, not cool!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Balm Haul

This was its allowed!
Everyone jump on Ozsale when The Balm was on there, and we waited and waited and waited and then it arrived! Huzzah!
I'm not going to show you the insides, these have been all over the web for ages...but I'm happy, and that's all that matters right?!?!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Savvy by DB eyeliner review

I love cheap n cheerful stuff, and this liner is just that, retailing at under $10 this little number is a steal.
I can't find any info on Savvy online, which is a shame, but you'll find the products in Priceline, so far I've tried the foundations, the liners and the powders and for the minimal cash outlay, I've been super impressed!

Grab them when you see them, this eyeliner is super soft and easy to put on, it's not the most pigmented liner I've ever owned, but it might be the cheapest, which means it get my seal of approval!


Friday, 19 October 2012


IMATS was ages ago but I'm lacking internet at home, so here I am chilling out at my mum's house, ignoring everyone while I write...

IMATS was a wonderland to me....I bought heaps and could have happily bought heaps more :)
This post is picture heavy and word light, if you want to ask about anything please do, I'll address details as needed.  Many of my things are missing packaging, because I had to bring it all back from Sydney, I decided to forgo packaging in exchange with MORE STUFF!

Brushes, who's surprised that I bought so many? Not I she said, NOT I! Royal and Langnickel [R]Evolution brushes, Rae Morris brush, was a gift when she heard about the other issues I had.  The middle two brushes are my first (and second) Hakuhodo brushes.  Then lots of Crown brushes, mosly ones I already own but love.

 MUFE 12 Colour Flash Palette, OCC Lip Tars and glitter, lovely, lovely lovely glitter.

 MAC face and body in the Pro size, MAC Paint Pot- Bare Study Paint Pot

 Various FX things

 MUFE HD Primer, Foundatuon and Powder

Scotty's brush cleaner, because it is cheap, and also, I needed some to wash all the brushes I had bought while in Sydney so I could use them!

BLYNC lashs, I love lashes, and since IMATS have taken to wearing them for no actual reason.  I've never found lashes I loved like I love my BLYNC lashes.

While chatting with the lovely crew at BLYNC I decided to get a picture of Countess Grotesque and Karl, both rocking some spectacular lash looks...

I think in order to not be disapointed I might start saving for next year, now.  Also have added 'Attend IMATS LA to my Bucket List