Friday, 23 March 2012

Me...and Makeup Utopia

There is a bit of a chance you're are reading this because you have just been in a wonderful world of makeup, AKA Makeup Utopia...If however you're a regular here and not there, check it out now...I have my 1st article on there and I'd love your opinions!

My first Article for Makeup Utopia is a back to basics number, the topic this week is Eye Shadow a great set of photos to show how hard they work.

You can find it here: Makeup Basics Eye Primers


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brush Storage Idea

If you're like me and a complete freak when it comes to getting dust and yuck on your foundation brushes then I have come up with an excellent idea...A Straw Dispenser.....Genius....
Probably only good for your flat brushes because the sides with squish fluffy ones BUT as far as I'm concerned the brushes used for liquid products, which you then place on your face with a certain degree of pressure -foundation and concealer are the ones you REALLY want to protect.  The best thing is these are pretty cheap in places like The Rject Shop etc. Brilliance.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Illamasqua Haul

Gosh, It really has been a while since I posted, everything has been kind of busy and spare time has been pretty limited.  However while being busy I checked out the Illamasqua counter at Myer Bourke St. and picked up a few new favourites.

Blush in Hussy
What an awesome name too, its a beautiful rich, true pink colour that just looks lovely.  I love it. Price $42

Powder foundation

You can tell from the picture I've been using this, I love it, it give a great finish without that awful powdery looks and also, doesn't have that 'there is so much stuff on my face, my skin can't breathe' feeling. Price $55

Skinbase Foundation

This stuff is magic, stay tuned for a review and some before/after photos, its such a lovely product.  Price $65.
I bought all of these in a store, but Illamasqua have a website you can buy from too, the prices work out to be cheaper even with delivery which is about GBP9.  I bought these products in store, party because it was a little treat for me to do this, but mostly I find matching foundations and powders to my skin to drive me insane and this way someone else did it for me. :)

I'm currently in love with the whole Illamasqua range, so far I have had no issues. Everything is wonderful. Any thoughts? Anyone have fave brands/items from teh Illamasqua range?