Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Benetint...not as embarrassed as I thought I'd look...

It's been a while, I do appologise.  By way of an official appology i'm going to review a new (to me) find (OK it was a while ago now, but I was so smitten I didn't want to share yet).
Benefit Benetint
I'd seen this product on the benefit website, it's a lip and cheek stain, I have steered away from it because of the stain factor.  I always expect this to go wrongly and end up looking like I was highly embarrassed by something.
I had my mind changed for me when I was at the Benefit counter in Myer and the lovely lass there offered me a free mini makeover.  One of the products she used was this.  I WAS IN LOVE. So so so easy to use and left not only a lovely hint of colour (reapply to make it deeper) but a sort fo sheen over the top of my cheek bones.  I literally kept checking it out in the mirror in the car (thankfully I was not driving) and turning to my mum and saying 'I really do love this cheek stuff' even my mother, who wears makeup perhaps, twice a year and every time its applied by me, agreed.
As well as using it for your cheeks you can use it to tint your lips, it give it a very lovely 'just into a warm room after the snow' look, mainly due to its transparancy. 
I now use it every day.  You simply put a few spots on the apples of you cheeks and rub it in. So easy, so fast, so lovely.
You can get this product from the Benefit counter at most Myer stores or you can get it straight from the Benefit website, remember; free international shipping on goods over $125 purchased from Benefit, straight to your door.
Interesting fact about this product, it was developed for an exotic dancer who wanted a nipple stain.  It is now one of Benefit's top sellers. True Story.