Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Makeup Course Week 5

I wasn't there! I was living it up in Thailand with my mum and my dear baby boy, who turned 3 while there, proving he is no baby!
So, instead, lets do a 'just got off the plane, im exhausted but its daylight and I want to explore' FOTD!

I had to cover the lack of sleep thing, whilst bearing in mind it was hot and sunny and humid and basically the worst conditions for makeup...
So I did this...

Mixed a little of my foundation with my face specific sunscreen, used some water proof gel liner anf finsihed it all off with a little lip balm and lashings of water proof mascara.

Not that it mattered because then I did this...

An yes, it did require a duckesque shot....thanks for asking.

Thanks Thailand!

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