Saturday, 9 June 2012

Gorgeous Cosmetics iPrime

Recently I was in Melbourne and I stumbled across a free 30min eye tutorial at Gorgeous Cosmetics in David Jones.  Now given I'd gone to Melbourne to take part in a course that ended up being cancelled, this seemed like a good consolation prize.  I like to do as many courses as possible with as many artists as possible, because that way I can only ever expand my knowledge.  So I did, and I got to use their eyeshadow primer.
(you can see I've already taken a chunk out, I couldn't wait to use it)
Its think and sticky, but with a base colour on top, it really does over amazing staying power as well as boldness to the shadows and blending is a dream.  At $35(I think, I don't actually remember) it wasn't cheap, and with primers becoming more readily available (Think Australis, think Essence) $30+ is a lot, but for the germophope in me, the fact this is in a tub, not a tube with a wand, and that it is great... I think its worth is. Also you only need a tiny bit.  Even if the lameo iPrime name is, well, lameo...

Available at all Gorgeous cosmetic outlets and online.

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