Sunday, 24 June 2012

Frugal Fridays on Makeup Utopia

My next series of articles for Makeup Utopia is one names 'Frugal Friday' my basic aim is to show that a small price tag, does not necessarily mean its shit.  We pay a premium for many 'drug store' brands here, brands like Revlon are pennies in the US compared with the prices here, but we do not question the quality the same way we might something that costs us on par here. 
I often get very surprised looks in class and conversations with people when they go on an lengths about this $40 product of that $25 product and I say 'Yeah, but Essence (for example) have a version of it, that I think is just as good but for $5'  Seriously, I get open mouth stares and comments like 'So you don't care what brand of makeup you buy?'. Its not that I don't care, I believe if a product does its job and lives up to its claim and is $10 why shouldn't I?  If its crap and $40 I won't use it either.  For me, its more about how I use it that what it cost, who's name is on it, or the packaging.
So, join me in the challenge, we're set up a forum with fab space for discussion, feel free to comment below or join us over there.
I did have a FOTD using only (except foundation) products under $10, but the photos were taken on my phone and for some reason, no matter how I try or what I do or what I see when I open them, they will not stay the right way up....infuriating.

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