Saturday, 23 June 2012 My New Found Friend

I hate trying to match foundations, as someone who claims they will one day be a qualified makeup artist, I should probably get over it.  I am, slowly, I didn't really know the range we were using in class so it took a lot of trying to work out the shades across the different options.  That said, I don't know every brand, and even within brands there are different shading options and naming systems and also different undertones. 

Enter: is a foundation matching website, you simply select 2 foundations you know match your skin tone and it then offers a selection of matching foundations from a wide range and a % match.

I did a few little tests and I have to agree with most of what it suggests.  I'm also very impressed with the selections of brands included I use mostly Illamasqua so I thought perhaps it wouldn't be listed, but is there with the best of them.

I can see many uses for this website, personally I will be able to use it when trying to find a drug store brand to match the colours we use in class.  For other people who do not have access to department stores, it opens up the possibility of shade matching for the purpose of on line shopping.

Although it will never replace the act of testing a foundation, it will make life easier, I can predict myself using it a fair amount.  Even if I'm just trying to trick it!

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