Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Makeup Course Week 4

Le Smokey eye....
Whats not to love, we got to do a smokey eye, I had a smokin model by the name of Sarah, I forgot to do a before, but we had SO much fun.  I've always been terrified for lashes BUT apparently I'm a natural, the word 'perfect' was thrown around... huzzah! Annnnd then we decided that perfect lashes shouldn't go to waste, soooo we went and had some wines! Makeup followed by wine, what's not to love!!!!

WOWZA! Sarah doesn't wear makeup, she says she doesn't know how to put it on do she doesn't try,  but look how well she pulls it off.  She also says she hates her eyes, they're too round.  She also said a very politically incorrect statement about how round they were, but its not for here....but look, those eyes don't look round to me!!! This particular picture make it to Facebook because I was pretty damn proud, about half way through the 2nd wine I looked over and for a fleeting second had that 'I wish I could do makeup that well' feeling....BUT I CAN, because I did! heck yes.

Thanks, Sarah!

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