Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rimmel Stay Blushed! Review

Another Rimmel review from me today, be thankful, if you are in Australia and I am reviewing a Rimmel product, there is a chance you might actually get your hands on it.

This is described as a 'Liquid Cheek Tint', although because it is not a solid or a gas, it is by default a liquid, I expected it to be thinner that it is, perhaps a gel or or even something more line Benetint.
I would describe the texture as a cream, you can see below the texture and then blended out.  

The colour here is Pop of Pink, but I feel that's not a great description either, as it is more a peach than a true pink.
So it's not really a liquid and it is not really pink. What it is, is lovely.  The texture means it is easy to apply and easy to blend out, the 'tint' factor means it is almost impossible to apply too much, resulting in a sheer wash of colour over the cheeks.  Perfect for a 'no makeup' look.  As a cream it feels nice, as well as looking natural. 

One of my favorite things about this blush is the tube.  It is designed to be blended with your fingers, which is fine, but unlike many other cream blush products, it does not require finger to product (in the container) contact, thus keeping it all nice and hygienic. 

Seems to me like powder blushes are on the way out with all these new liquid, gels, creams and tints, what do you think?