Thursday, 29 September 2011

So You Say You Want A Revolution...

Woo... a product review.
This week's product review comes in the shape of an Urban Decay "Revolution" eyelash curler.  On the whole, I don't bother with eyelash curlers because mascara being what it is these days, the need isn't the same as it used to be, having said that, I have yet to find a waterproof mascara that curls like the others. 

I have a fear of lash curlers, I pretty much cannot use them without catching my eye lid, usually this isn't in the curler itself but rather the sides of it.  When researching Urban Decay products I stumbled across the "Revolution" I watched the promo video (you can see it here) and I was well an truly sucked in.
It is hard to see in that picture but this curler has no sides to the actual curling part.  It does look like a torture instrument BUT it does what is claimed although it is still more than possible to catch your eyelids but its MUCH less likely.  The other clever thing about this curler having no sides to it is that if you have small eye or even big eyes you can easily use it in sections rather than, like the website says a 'one size fits all' curler.
This is a better view of the curling part and the missing sides.  It works by using springs and is really a clever little design. 

As far as eye lash curlers go its pretty pricey but I love Urban Decay so I bought it and i can safely say that although sucked in by the video I have never been so happy with an eyelash curler.  So far I haven't nipped my eye lids once.  So they're pretty happy too.  Strangely though, since I bough them I seem to have got free eye lash curlers with everything, so if anyone wants a pair, sing out. :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

In Love

I'm completely in love with Medusa's makeup.  Their range of colours is amazing as the ability to use the pigments on the lip or as an eye liner (with the aid of some potions) is awesome.  I can't stress how much i love these products.  Also, competely vegan and cruelty free.

Love it!
This week I decided to do a little comparison of 3 readily available, reasonably priced foundations.  I chose 3 different  Maybelline foundations "Dream Liquid Mousse", "Dream Smooth Mousse, and the recently released "Fit Me" foundation.
First off the ranks was "Fit Me", it went on well,  had  nice coverage without looking cakey and a little went a long way, making it great value for money, however by the time I finished work and looked in my rear view mirror there was we little trace of it.  I work a standard 8.5 hr day and so I expect my makeup to manage that at the least, I’m not a gym instructor, where possible I try not to break a sweat at work.  So it’s lasting power was lacking but the colour match was super and I would certainly use it for an evening makeup.  The best thing about this foundation was the feel, not feeling caked on and the worst thing was the open neck bottle so getting a little on to the back of my hand was tricky and messy.

The Next day I tried “Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse”.  Again, went on easily, felt a little heavier and certainly didn't live up to its claim of an air brushed finish (that I never really believed any way).  This one managed a bit better on the full work day. I touch up my powder at lunch with a translucent powder and it seemed ok then but by the time I got to my car my chin was shiney and foundationless.  It did however seem to stay on the rest of my face better than the “Fit Me”. I loved the awesome little pump top so you could get just enough out easily and relatively mess free. The worst was the heavier feel but then if you don’t mind that this is a good product.
Finally I used the Maybelline ‘Dream Smooth Mousse”, I deliberately left this one to last because when I took it out to look at it, it was almost slimy.  I tried to apply it with my foundation brush, having converted to the brush, I'm reluctant to go back by using a sponge.  This stuff just wouldn't work. I had to use the sponge and in doing so ended up with a thicker application. (a bit like trowelling out concrete) It felt a bit masky for my liking but then, for every day, I tend to use a tinted moisturizer set with a powder so it’s nice and light. 
The other problem with the mousse is that there were no testers in the shop(whether this is common or not I am not sure, but it was the case in the store I was in) so I bought the same shade as I had in the other 2 types, it seemed fine in my bathroom but then in the harsh light of the mirror at work it was a little orange, nobody openly called me an orange panda so I’m not sure at all.  The best thing is that it offers a great coverage (whether you like it or not) the worst thing, well either that it needs a sponge to apply it or that it’s in a jar, and the top is screw off so you have 2 pieces, not handy for anything.
So, in conclusion, over the 3 days I tried 3 different foundations, if it wasn't for the fact I desperately wanted to get back to my every day moisturizer I would have tried them out for longer.  I'm always worried when I buy a foundation  than it will end up looking orange, even if I do try the 3 stripe (good shade, 1 lighter, 1 darker to be sure) thing.  I found that not getting to test the mousse in store was infuriating as I think the colour I selected  made me look a little orange.  Having said that, if you don't mind feeling like you're wearing makeup it did give a lovely coverage.  Not quite air brushed but certainly smooth.  If however you wanted something to even up skin tone and little more, you cannot go past the “Fit Me” as an option.
My personal favorite? Although it didn't do the whole 8 hr of work the Fit Me was my pick of the 3.  I think if I took it with me to potentially re-apply or for an evening makeup, it would be great.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Box 'o stuff

My  new find this week was Beauty Box, basically you pay $14.95 a month and they send you a selection of 5 or 6 deluxe sample sized beauty products.  I signed up because at the very least, it means I can write a blog on each and they didn't cost a lot.  I got my first beauty box today.  It looked amazing.

Inside is a little card telling you what your items are and reminding you to review them for a chance to win more stuff.
Then under some lovely tissue paper is all your goodies, this isn't a great picture and I won't list every item that's boring but there is a pretty cool selection of high end and VERY high end branded products.
All in all I think for my $14.95, which includes shipping I'm pretty happy, i just used the tester of the perfume (not due for release until the end of the month) and its GORGEOUS.... just as well i have 3.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Where to get the good stuff.

The following is a list of places to get makeup online.  Most of them I have purchased from and will give my opinion of, some of them I have not and I will state, if any, what reasons I have for not doing so.  Basically its to help out anyone who's watched a tutorial and wanted the items used but has no clue where to find them.  They are listed in no particular order. 
  • Makeup Geek Not only is this a perfect definition of myself but its also a brilliant blog.  Has some AMAZING tutorials which include lists of the items used and where to get them.  The other wonderful thing is that it often includes the cheaper alternative, so if a MAC colour was used then they list the closest Nyx colour etc. I buy a few things from the makeup geek store because they do thinks like sell cheap MAC pro pigment samples which are ace but you never need much of, noteworthy products including the Zpalette for $18 rather than the $20 on their own website. SHIPPING: based on what you're buying,   Prices are in US$
  • Lime Crime  Lime Crime is full of brilliant colours and most of their products are vegan and ALL are certified cruelty free.  I have ordered some things from these guys and I will do reviews as they come in.  SHIPPING again is based on your order although if your spend over $100 there is free international shipping and prices are again in US$ The site itself is pretty cool so I've included a picture of the home screen for good measure.
  • Benefit Cosmetics Makers of all sorts of wonderful things.  I have ordered from them and again I'm eagerly awaiting my parcel.  I do own all kinds of Benefit goodies courtesy of eBay. They include 2 free samples with every order and often have other lovely offers.  SHIPPING is based per order unless you spend over $125 in which case its free.  Prices are in US$
  • Too Faced I'm only including these guys because they are brilliant, sadly don't ship to Australia yet.  US, Canada and the UK so I'm hoping Aus isn't too far behind.  Famous for their shadow insurance which again I only own courtesy of eBay but love unconditionally.
  • Medusa's Makeup again similar to Lime Crime, lots of brilliant pigments at reasonable prices.  They also do very well priced large sets aimed at makeup artists, as well as lip gloss and tools, and again similar to Lime Crime most of their products are vegan. SHIPPING is based on items ordered and prices are in US$
  • Furless Brushes Despite the name, these guys sell lots of other items, makeup, very lush lip gloss, -I personally recommend it, lip gloss and I, do not get on, I can't stand spending the whole day removing my hair from the sticky yuck that is most lip glosses.  Not these though, they're brilliant.-  They have a range of mineral makeups as well as various accessories.  As the name would suggest they deal mostly in brushes, I purchased the Purple Power set a few weeks ago (read my review) and I have used almost no others since, its almost the perfect set.  On top of that the delivery was quick, I did have a problem with one item I bought but thanks to the awesome customer service that was resolved in no time.  The only problem really, is that these brushes are so FAB I have already been back for more and probably will again soon as I've just convinced a friend to give tinted moisturiser a go and I think she's using her hands to apply it... (I have the same product and a foundation brush does it wonders) The truth is, if you're onto a good product, stick with it. SHIPPING is based on your order and prices are in AU$ mainly because THIS IS AN AUSTRALIAN COMPANY- SUPPORT IT.
  • Barry M I have owned Barry M Dazzle dust for the last 10 years, no, wait, longer,  they were pretty original back then and I still love them.  There are so many colours, the biggest problem will be deciding which to buy. There are lots of other products too but really these are my faves. SHIPPING is flat rate GBP 8 and they remove the VAT for orders out with the EU.  Prices are in GBP
  • Inglot LOVE these eye shadows. Once my Z palette arrives I will be ordering some of these.  They are beautiful.  SHIPPING is around $10 and because this is the Australian site and so the prices are in AU$
  • Stargazer "Makeup With Attitude" they also sell hair dyes, and lots of lovely bright makeup.  I've ordered some eye shadows and I'll review on them when they get here. SHIPPING is based on each order but is really reasonable.  Prices are in GBP
  • Crush Cosmetics sell lots of different brands and some 88 colour palettes that I think are a brilliant dupe of the Coastal Scents 88 colour palette.  SHIPPING is buy order although all orders over $60 qualify for free shipping.  Again because this is an Aussie site the prices are in AUD
  • Makeupnet I haven't purchased anything from this site yet. Sells a vaied selection of brands such as Nyx, Lime Crime etc, based in Australia so far faster than ordering from the individual websites.  Having said all that this is an Aussie site. SHIPPING is $6 and of course being an Australian site the prices are in AU$.
  • Smart Poppy lots of different products at good prices, I've never bought anything from them but its for no particular reason.  SHIPPING is $7 for standard postage and Australian site = prices in AU$
  • This site has lots of remnant type products, so if you're looking for something that's discontinued its a good place to start.  Brand names cheap, basically SHIPPING is free world wide and prices are in AU$
  • Amazon Amazon, more than just books, sadly many of the products can't be shipped to Australia but some can, its worth checking out.  SHIPPING is determined by order and prices are in US$
  • eBay eBay, what can I say, its great, its evil.  There are some wonderful products on here for wonderful prices, if something is hard to get then eBay is worth a try, BUT there is a lot of crap, fake this and questionable that, basically if it seems to good to be true, then, it probably is.  Having said that, a (most likely fake) MAC brush set for $30 inc P&P is still a well priced brush set for the 32 or 4million or whatever pieces you get.  Just don't expect it to last.  Great place to start building a collection, great for hard to find and random things but also great place for fake crap.  SHIPPING determined by seller and currency is determined by seller.  ALSO I would recommend only paying with Pay pal because it gives you more security if your seller turns out to be dodgy.
  • Coastal Scents Home of the much talked about 88 colour palette as well as other makeup goodies.  SHIPPING is based on order but 2 palettes is about $20, prices are in US$
  • Sigma Makeup brushes and accessories, very much aimed more at professionals. Home of the patent pending Dry'n Shape, designed to shape your brushes whiles minimising drying time.  Shipping is based on order and prices are in US$
  • Clinique My skin care fave.  Usually have free offers with purchases over $60 SHIPPING is based on order, although orders over $100 have free shipping,  prices are the same as over the counter and unless you know the colour you need/want I see no advantage to online shopping.  Especially if your local Clinique counter has such helpful and wonderful staff as mine.
  • MAC Online store for MAC, has everything you could need but again unless you know the colours you're after it might not be so great.  SHIPPING is $10 for regular and $15 for express.  Prices are in AU$
There you have it, a rather long and somewhat detailed list of where I find a lot of my makeup.  As well as these, never underestimate the content of your local stores.  I have a lot of fun shopping for cosmetics so I don't do all my shopping online but I do however live in a rural town so getting to the MAC counter is a 3.5 hr journey one way of 7 the other.  As well as the above sites I also think its worth mentioning Buyinvite, Brands Exclusive and Ozsale you have to subscribe to these and they have a lot of random crap on there but in the past month or so. I have seen and/or purchased from sales including Nyx, Bellapierre, Revlon, Almay, Maybelline, China Glaze, OPI, Butter London, Benefit, Sugarbaby and no doubt a few more.  The prices are usually very good but they take their sweet time to be delivered so don't expect them to be around for a birthday a month from order date.  They might be, but its unlikely.
I'm sorry if i missed anything and I'm also sorry my descriptions got more brief as the blog went on but I massively underestimated how long this would take and I'm seriously exhausted.

Shop on and expect some great product reviews very soon to go with this list.