Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Makeup Course Week 10

This week was 'makeup for photography' which sounds quite vague to me, I know the principles of makeup for photography, I can read books you see, but what exactly was I going to do? well, I decided to do something reatively normal, an everyday look, but the eyeliner wasn't playing ball, for the love of makeup, it just didn't sit right, the more I tried the more I couldn't get it right, but at the same time, couldn't work out what was wrong, my model, Sarah said she had no idea what I was talking about...but I I took my frustrations out with colour....

Sarah's before:
Then Sarah after much annoyance at things not going right and then the green liner being chunky and yuck... tisk, why is the teal gross? Its the best colour!!!

Annnd my fave pic of the night:

And another which is good but very pasty... crappy lighting....

All in all I have heaps of fun, as I always do, I think though I should stick to some 'safe' looks for a while... :)

Thanks Sarah!!!

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