About Makeup and Smell the Coffee

Makeup and Smell the Coffee is about everything makeup and beauty related.  The title, as well as being a clever play on a common phrase, also lends itself to my feelings about makeup.  That is that if you can let go of all the stigma surrounding girls who 'play' with makeup you can develop a love of it or what it does for you. 
You might not wear it every day, you might not wear it out of the house at all, but if you can, and do, then you might realise that makeup is more about how it makes you feel.  Sure, that might be an indirect feeling from that zit being covered, but I know on days where I'm in a funk. lipstick helps me feel better. 

I get ugly days, when I'm in a reasonable mood, I know that the way I look without makeup today can be no different to yesterday, but I am still female so there are times I make no sense. On these days, lipstick is the answer.  It makes me feel better.

I'm not shallow, I'm not vain (OK I am a little) and I don't care if you hate my eyeshadow, chances are, I had fun putting it on, and I love it, and if that makes me love myself a little more then it has paid for the time, energy and money I put into creating the look.

For the record, the stigma I speak of is comments like:

'Such a girlie girl with all that makeup'
Qm, yeah sure, but I still go fishing, I can check the oil on my car, kick a football, AND kick your ass

'You can tell you don't have kids'
WHAT? because I know my way round a brush set and the difference between a bronzer and a blush? OK, sure BUT 1. I am a mum so, you're wrong, and 2. While you choose to re-read the Twilight Saga for the 17th time, because you "love vampires" I'm probably using makeup to look like a vampire or more likely creating zombie makeup looks for fun! (because we know zombies are cooler than vampires)

Because I like makeup, I must not like myself.

Because I like makeup, I must be an airhead.
Sure, tell that to my Science Degree