Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm going apologise immediately for the lack of photos in this post, really its just a wee rant about the course I started...
The course itself runs twice a year, so you would think they would be relatively organised.  They're not.
The kit cost $255 so you would think it would have a reasonable array of goodies.  It does not.
Thankfully the lovely lass Ange, who is taking the course is:
1. Immensely knowledgeable
2. Completely open to suggestion...She has said I can 'go nuts' on my folio, as long as I have my 1. bridal, 1 day look and 1. mens makeup, I may do whatever I want for the rest....excellent....its what I wanted to hear
3. She admits she is still learning (not in a 'I'm new to this' way but rather a 'I love everything about makeup so there is always room for improvement' way
3. Believes this course should be about as much practical stuff as possible, you can't learn makeup skill from a book alone
4. Had stunning eyeliner, I know hairdressers cannot be judged by their hair because they don't cut it themselves, it is absolutely fair to say a makeup artist probably does do their own makeup and as such is presenting their skills right in front of you.

Having said all of that, I read this today...I mean, of course I did, its on Makeup Utopia....
I don't ever plan to be a full time makeup artist, would love to, but it will never happen.  What I want to do is be an after hours makeup artist, so I can still work my day job...based from home...really so I can justify my makeup collection...
Read away....So you want to be a makeup super-star? (please understand I am of course ripping off a Cypress Hill song here)

Monday, 9 April 2012


So, I have officially enrolled in a 'Profesional Makeup Artistry' course at my local TAFE, its an evening class, one night a week for 10 weeks, prepare to see pictures and updates on my progress and movement from (makeup) lover to learner.....
Begins next Wednesday....I am quite excited!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

(more) Illamasqua Haul

Firstly I have to apologise for having yet another haul so soon and yet another Illamasqua haul at that, but the truth is I love them so much.  Also, I pre-ordered from the Human Fundamentalism collection and so when it arrived I had just done a haul, oh well, skip this part of you want.  Expect lots of pictures AND swatches....omg swatches (I know I don't do enough but I'm just never happy with the ones I do, so I don't share them...)
Without Further ado...
The grand opening...
 What I opened to....
 Oooo a Freak sample....awesome!
 The goodies...
 I Bought both palettes, the Apocolips lippie, and a shadow in Burst (yes...teal lippie AND shadow...Brills n Thrills and such)

The lippie:

 Hand swatch
 Lip swatch
I will do a review on this, I swear, but I'll try not to make it my next post so that non Illamasqua loving readers don't hate me.

The Palettes:
The fundamental Pallete:

I apparently didn't photograph the Neutral Palette box, but its the same but says 'Neutral Palette'

The Shadow:

 Arm swatch:
And just so you can see, and especially helpful if you are a matchy matchy type of person... The lippie and the shadow.
like I say, matchy matchy, please ignore the piercing scars (if you please) yes, mum was right but there's no point in admitting that now... (also I don't hate them, they do not offend me, they are scars from a part of my life I was proud to have lived)

Did anyone else splurge on any of this range?  Anyone take advantage of the free international postage/eyelash offer they had recently? The lashes were no.23, some of my personal faves!

If like me you like haul type posts, jump over to Makeup Utopia and join in the haul n tell conversation, or any of the other forums.  It really is a World of Makeup and a welcome one at that!