Thursday, 23 February 2012

Z Palette, I Salute you!

When you ask a person to describe instances they have had both bad and good customer service they can usually tell you of several of the former but struggle to recall the latter.  This is mostly because, sadly it’s a rarity and also because people retain negative memories- remember when you came out of exams and all you could think about was what you got wrong? 
I however, want to write about an instance I had recently where the customer service was impeccable.  I have been an avid user of Z Palettes for a while now.  I always order them straight from the company in the US as it’s easier and usually cheaper.  The most recent purchase though, involved one of the larger ‘professional’ palettes and when it arrived it looked a bit bruised from the journey.  Once I opened the package I discovered the spine of the palette had been ripped and it no longer closed properly.  I decided I would just live with it but I would send a note to Z Palette to inform them, so perhaps next time they could use the info to add some extra bubble wrap as I was reluctant to send it back due to the time it would take and also the cost I would incur.  I got a reply within 24 hrs stating that if I was willing to sign an affidavit to say it was damaged then they would claim it on their insurance and send me a new one.  So, I did, and as promised I received my new Z palette is less that 2 weeks from my original e-mail. 
Kudos Z Palette, not only are your products great but your customer service could not be faulted!
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