Thursday, 2 February 2012

Idiot Proof Makeup Item 3. Nutrimetics Marbleyes Eyeshadow

Next on my list of idiot proof makeup, (I'm beginning to feel bad about using the word 'idiot', but its too late) is the Nutrimetics Marbleyes Eye Shadow.
You can just about see (from my not so great picture) the swirls in these shadows, which makes them cool to look at and also cool to play with.

What Nutrimetics say:
Exquisite in every way, nc Marbleyes Eyeshadows are baked with veins of glitter for supreme colour control and a truly spectacular finish.

What I say:
These shadows are great if you're not so good with blending, a bit like bronzers and blushes with the mixed the colours these blend in the pot.  The colour pay off isn't truly fabulous, you will need a few applications to get an intense colour and you WILL need a primer, having said that, given that I am describing these as an easy to use and therefore idiot proof product, they're perfect as they are.  Its far easier to add more than take off some.

The names are all associated with the galaxy, presumably due to their resemblance to planets.
They're $25 each and you can obviously get these from your local Nutrimetics consultant or here.  The 'Eclipse' shadow (a grey-black-silver-swirly mix) is perfect to complement the Nutrimetics Smokey Eye Stick or as I like to call it Idiot Proof Makeup Item 1.

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