Thursday, 15 March 2012

Illamasqua Haul

Gosh, It really has been a while since I posted, everything has been kind of busy and spare time has been pretty limited.  However while being busy I checked out the Illamasqua counter at Myer Bourke St. and picked up a few new favourites.

Blush in Hussy
What an awesome name too, its a beautiful rich, true pink colour that just looks lovely.  I love it. Price $42

Powder foundation

You can tell from the picture I've been using this, I love it, it give a great finish without that awful powdery looks and also, doesn't have that 'there is so much stuff on my face, my skin can't breathe' feeling. Price $55

Skinbase Foundation

This stuff is magic, stay tuned for a review and some before/after photos, its such a lovely product.  Price $65.
I bought all of these in a store, but Illamasqua have a website you can buy from too, the prices work out to be cheaper even with delivery which is about GBP9.  I bought these products in store, party because it was a little treat for me to do this, but mostly I find matching foundations and powders to my skin to drive me insane and this way someone else did it for me. :)

I'm currently in love with the whole Illamasqua range, so far I have had no issues. Everything is wonderful. Any thoughts? Anyone have fave brands/items from teh Illamasqua range?

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