Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More indie brands and pictures

OK, so I'm going to do a rather picture heavy indie brands post, not a review, they will come, but more like an awesome illustrated directory!!!
Love the name, love the products, love the colours here is lots of pictures...AND A LIP SWATCH (gasp omg- yeah, its blurry, sorry)

The lip swatch is 'Hipster Ariel' a lip stick, you can see here.  Its AWESOME! Goes on smoothly is the more amazing colour of lipstick and is generally great.

Awesome colours, awesome names of colours to go with the theme of evil such as Banshee and Morose both shades of blue.

The girl who runs this is lovely, I follow her blog about other indie brands, you can too Addicted to Indie Makeup

What an amazing selection of colours.

Special mention to these guys who include a note in the package to tell you they will discount the cost of your samples from any full priced order because they are confident you will love their products.  They also include a collection of funky cards with tutorials on them.

These are so cute, and fast becoming a 'loved by all' brand

Obviously all of the companies I've mentioned ship to Australia, and they are very reasonable shipping prices (or I wouldn't have bought them) I have found that the smaller a company the more reasonable their shipping prices are, I guess its the lack of overheads or whatever but I love all these brands, my only problem is not having enough eyes/time to wear them more often.

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