Thursday, 2 February 2012

(MORE) Essence- Eye liners

I think I should just go ahead and take out shares in Essence, I really like them, they're so cheap and recently Target had a 25% off all makeup sale so they were even cheaper.  I picked up a few eye liner pencils because at a price of about $2 they seemed worth a try.
I got 3 colours, a purple, greeny blue (because I am addicted to those colours) and a white.
I'm a devoted Rimmel user when it comes to eye liner, it has never failed me, my eyes staged a revolt against ALL eye liners when I was about 16 where the slightest hint of a liner would have in in tears- literally, and sting like you would not believe.  Thankfully Rimmel never did this and although I grew out of the phase, I stayed loyal to the brand and product. I'm also a devoted waterline lining kinda gal, yeah I know its supposed to be bad and you're not to do it but I do and I'm ok with it. That being said, its hard to find good liners capable of the job.  Not any more, these are great, they do the job well and come in a selection of great colours.  I'm still devoted to my black Rimmel liner but I have now accepted that not all looks require black and I can choose something else!

Hoo Raaa! for Essence.

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