Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Oh I read it in a forum..."

Forums, the new friend of a friend? 
As much as I try to convince people away from forums on certain topic (I have many Google medic friends) for some topics this can be the best way to get advice, have a chat and generally be a part of a community.  For people (I was going to say girls, but really anyone) like me, in a rural area, it is an excellent way to discuss new products not available in your area yet, make contact you may otherwise never have, and of course, learn.

As much as I can sing the praises of the theory of forums, I must admit I've never joined in a discussion until now.  I've read them and quietly stayed in the background, having opinions, knowing answers and never sharing any of it.  Why? Fear.  I changed schools twice as a teenager- one time I changed countries/hemisphere's too.  I've had enough of the 'New Kid' crap to last a life time.  Just because I haven't been involved from the beginning doesn't mean I can't add value...yet I still didn't join in.  Until now.

Makeup Utopia- a Perfect World for Makeup- is as new to this game as I am, well sort of.  It's founder, editor and community manager- Sara May as been doing this a while.  She's extremely talented and a long with her band of wise and well worded contributors, she has made a welcoming world of makeup.  Like heaven on the Internet.  As well as the forums, there are FOTD challenges (I'm still not up to that) and all sorts of reviews.  To top this off there is also a weekly round up of all the action so you won't miss a beat.

I fully encourage anyone who has ever had a question about makeup to join and get involved.  I've noticed, not a single post going un-answered to and there have been some great topics brought up.

I love The Makeup Utopia and you will too, get involved now!

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  1. Hi Lizzi! Thank you so much for your kind words! We love having you on Makeup Utopia as much as you love being there! x


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