Thursday, 9 February 2012

(kind of) My 2nd FOTD

At work today my friend and colleague sent me this...

hmmph, hilarious, so instead of coming home early to make the cupcakes like I said I would... I did my 'Clown couture' makeup (whatabitch)
Any way, I was so pleased with it I took some pictures, the my camera died so I didn't get many, but I'm going to share them, I wasn't really doing anything in particular and I was grabbing stuff randomly, so I can't list what I used, if anyone really wants to know, ask, I could tell you.
Let me set the scene, tonight is Relay for Life in our town and the theme is 'Celebrat10n because its 10 years, so that's why I was going to make cupcakes, instead I did my celebratory-not-too-mad-for-the-oldies makeup.
Taa Daaaa.....

Yes, the photos could have been better, and if the camera hadn't died I would have got lots more, but still....I like it!

Also, the other night I was bored, I understand most people take this as a cue to watch TV, read a book or have an early night, oh, no, not me, I did half a face of makeup, I had a new blush I wanted to try out....I don't need an excuse.... I was going for creepy doll, I think I here's a picture of that too!!!

Creepy right? Yeah I thought so.... I think its the contacts... should have done the other half of my face, oh well...

Better go make those cupcakes...

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