Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fab feedback

I swear I'm not being paid...but I have to the sing the praises of Makeup Utopia once again, but this time on a more personal note.
I originally wrote a post on Makeup Utopia Forums because I have enjoyed feeling a part of things over there, they're welcoming and caring and helpful and generally lovely.  In response to this, the founder Sara May took a look at my blog and in particular my first ever FOTD post.  If you take a look you can see that she started to write a response but it got a pretty big, so instead she wrote this How to Post a Kick Ass FOTD, how awesome is that, not only that she took the time to read my ramblings but to form an opinion and write an ENTIRE article to help people out in what has so far been the most daunting part of blogging.

I laughed, I probably could have cried, but mostly I was honoured. Kudos to Makeup Utopia....again!

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