Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Indie brands: My Pretty Zombie

Ages ago I said I was going to do a bit of a run down on some indie brands, well, I got slack, took the pictures but not much else, and I'm hopeless at swatches so I'm just going to introduce a few brands and you can check them out yourself!  First on my list is My Pretty Zombie.  I like zombies so I was immediately drawn to the name.  To top it off some of the colour names also rock socks, such as Pink Eye, a beautiful pink colour, or Varicose a suitably blue/green colour.  Best of all these came in the most amazing package....let the multitude of pictures begin.

So they got to my house in a little box, I love this because padded envelopes are just not tough enough for international postage.
I must admit, I opened it then was so impressed I put it all back in the box to take some pictures...HAD-TO-SHARE
Inside I got a shock then a smile at this

Oh yes, nothing like a bloody thumb, AND samples.... love it  The shadows themselves were in this rather cool bag;

Here is all the extras;
The shadows;
Then finally at the bottom of the box it was pretty shredded stuff, which also added to the safety of the package.

I haven't tried the shadows properly yet but if the care and attention put in the packaging is anything to go by then they will be fabulous and amazing.

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