Thursday, 10 April 2014

The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine (what a mouthful) is a new product from Benefit.

What they say:
Operation shine control! The POREfessional: agent zero shine instantly minimises shine and helps smooth the look of pores. Our invisible shine-control powder joins you in your top secret mission for smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores and shine don’t stand a chance! Just twist, tap & sweep to look fresh-faced, without a trace!

What I say:

It is a mattifying powder, it has a cool name, and quite clever packaging.

How they say to apply it:
Twist off built-in brush from base. Then tap powder into lid and dip brush. Sweep on moisturised skin or over makeup to instantly mattify your complexion. Touch up over makeup during the day…or whenever shine dares to return.

What? They're a brush us there?


The brush is actually pretty good, and becuase it comes away from the contained, it is able to be washed with all your other brushes.  Tapping a small amount into the lid and using it like that appeals to the clean freak in me. It makes it far more hygienic that a brush straight into the product, or heaven forbid a brush attached to the product.

As for the performance, it does exactly as it claimed it would.  I applied it mid afternoon over makeup, just as the shine was beginning to come through.  It looked, fine, no colour, not chalkiness or ashyness.  Looked fine.  

It felt weird.  I can't quite explain it, but if you could imagine your nose suffocating, if you have ever work grease paint for any purpose, or full stage makeup, you might understand what I mean.  This did pass, and it still looked OK, but for a while it was almost as if my skin felt even greasier.  If you are someone who wears full coverage foundation, set with a powder, you may not mind this feeling, I however would prefer to have blemishes show, than wear thick makeup.  SO perhaps this just isn't right for me.

I know I need to give this product more of a chance, but it was so off putting, I am delaying it. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will try again.

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