Saturday, 12 April 2014

March Empties

 The lot.  There were a few empties this month.

The Samples. The sample challenge is well under way, I must admit I forgot to keep some of the empties from some of the samples, especially the Philosophy skincare.  Also, although I have set the challenge in March, not all samples are created equal, so I find I get through some in one try and others take longer because they are bigger.  Simple.

Both of these samples are from Benefit
It's Potent Eye-Cream.  I had a trial jar of this in Australia, and I quite liked it, but this sample seemed a little harsh on the delicate eye area, so I won't be buying it.
The Big Easy. Pretty much as soon as I tried this sample I knew I was going to buy it, it's brilliant. The correcting side of it is great, this was, what I thought, tiny sample, and I combined a few of the shades, but it did such a perfect job with a small amount, and then was all velvety and lovely like a powder.  I'll be doing a more in-depth review of this soon. When I was in a department store a short while after trying this, they had 10% off and claimed it was 'pre-release' by a day, so I grabbed it.

Soap and Glory goodies.
The Righteous Butter. With the sudden change to a cold  freezing climate - going from Australian Summer to UK Winter - not surprisingy, my skin got dry, and I needed something to do some hard core moistuising. I love this, and because they have 'Christmas' packs which then are half price after Chrsitmas, I probably have enough to keep me going until next year, but if I didn't, I would be purchasing this again.
Hand Food. This is my fave hand cream, you don't need a heap, which is why it lasted so long it lost it's label.  It goes on smooth and is absorbed instantly.  Just what you want for winter hands.  I have re-purchased it.
Heel Genius. As the name says: it's genius, for your heels.  Also if you suffer from the dreaded scaly elbow it's also great to pop a bit on there, it will clear it up brilliantly.
I have re-purchased this one too.

Beauty Care Co. Green Tea Facial Wipes
I was not a fan, they were a bit rough and tough on my skin. Also, they did not remove mascara. Liar.
I got these super cheap from K-Mart, 13000 miles is a bit far to travel to get more, but even if I was in Aus, I wouldn't buy these again.

Smart Value makeup reomver pads.
These are the cheapest of the cheap but I love them, they're from Big W and I make a point to buy these. They don't have 'sealed' edges like so many cotton pads, and I find these edges a little harsh on my eye area, so I deliberately buy the cheap ones.  I can't repurchase these because of the distance, but I CAN hunt down an equivilent.

Bioderma Crealine Solution (or Micellar Water)
Absolute Godsend of a product.  I am currently using the B.Pure version because it is a fraction of the price, but if for some reason that became unavailable. I would jump back to this in a heart beat, it is THAT good.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo
If you excuse the terribly tacky name, this dry shampoo is great. I hated all those before it, and most since.  It is possibly the 2nd cheapest dry shampoo available, but it works with my hair.  I'm currently using up another brand, but then I will be back to this.

Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel
This stuff smells SO clean and does a fab job of waking me up in the morning.  I have another bottle to use up, but I will probably always have some floating around.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
When I first got my Clarisonic brush, I didn't know what to use with it, so I bought the gel cleanser too. It did the job and meant I learned what the ideal product texture was.  I like it, but probably won't re-purchase.

There we have it, March's empties, a little later than I planned, mostly due to being away for most for the 1st week of April.  I'm hoping to have a few more for April as there are some products I'm really not a fan of that I just need to use up! I know you know what I mean....

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