Monday, 14 April 2014

Rimmel London- Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer Review

I'm a complete eyeshadow primer devotee, it's just not worth it to not wear a primer.  That being said, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a good value primer.

I picked this up the other day out of interest more than anything.  I have no idea how long it has been around, and with such plain packaging I might well have passed it by many times.

What they say:
Rimmel's unique primer to maximise the colour and wear of your shadow!
Makes colour waterproof! Apply to lid, let dry, apply eyeshadow colour.

What I say:
This is a budget primer.  The applicator is the same as a traditional lip gloss wand, which I hate because it feels gross to rub it on your skin and put it back in the container.  I do tend to put it on my finger and apply that way.

This has a fair amount of slip, a liquid feel rather than a cream, it makes it easy to apply, once set, it acts as an excellent grippy base for shadows.  Sometimes, with the cream basked primers I find that they can be tricky to blend with, either because you didn't use enough and so the edges are rough, or because they are thicker on the lid.  This was not the case here, it was a dream to blend over, and a full 12 hours later my eyeshadow still looked as fresh as it did that morning.  I haven't yet put the 'waterproof' claims to the test...

For the money, and even though it has a less than fab applicator, this is an amazing primer.

You can get this in the UK from Rimmel stockists for £4.99, but always look for specials!
A quick look over the Priceline and ASOS websites tells me this product is not currently available in Australai, but use the powers of social media to find out and nag!

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