Friday, 11 April 2014

A Heart More Broken than the Shadow selection- My fist Scottish Inglot experience.

 I love Inglot shadows, but then show me a Beauty Blogger who doesn't.
Recently I made a trek to the nearest Inglot store to me in Scotland, determined to increase my collection- seriously, I know I don't need to.....

I love Inglot so much, that on my wedding day, when I did my own makeup, they were the only shadows I used

Inglot shadows makeup a majority of the shadows in my pro kit.  I LOVE them.

So imagine how gutted I was to make this hour long trip to do some much needed colour (retail) therapy to discover a store that didn't even remotely resemble the Inglot stores I have been in Australia.

Initially, the store didn't even seem like a retail shop, focusing more on doing nails and other beauty treatments than selling products, complete with hand written 'specials' signs.
So unsure was I about the store, I actually asked if they sold the Freedom Palettes- yes, they did, but the miserable selection of broken, water damaged, dirty and faded shadows was all they had left (ok, her words might have been different) ALSO they only had 16 pan palettes left.  That didn't bother me, just an excuse to buy more shadows. Until she got the '16 pan palette' out and it was actually a 4 pan face palettes, but 'you can get 4 shadows in each one'
I politely declined on the grounds I am too OCD for that and I like they to look neat, also I knew I had a spare Z Palette at home and I could order the actual palette from the Inglot website, but I am reluctant to order any colours that way as I like to swatch.

I carried on looking for shadows, I enquired about the magnetic boards they usually give you to select the shadows- they had none- just put them on the counter.  Through dirt and faded shades, I managed to find a few I didn't already have.  It was made  slightly harder by the complete lack of organisation of the shades and finishes.

I picked my 16 shadows, after I was informed that they didn't actually had 5 of them, I paid for my 11 shadows, then the SA disappeared off and came back with a crumpled used 'other store' carrier bag, and without giving me the choice, put my shadows in it, informing me that they didn't have any bags and 'really needed to do an order'

So annoyed by this whole transaction, I decided to double check if this store was in fact even a real shop, it is, still listed on the Inglot website, and still apparently functioning as such.

Maybe Australian stores spoiled me, maybe they are of a higher calibre, or maybe this one was just miserably disappointing?  Either way, it left a nasty taste in my mouth and the decision never to return to that store.

When I took to Twitter with my concerns, the feeling was that I should email head office to inform them of the situation.  I have done this, I eagarly await their response, and when I get it, you'll hear it here first.

What about you? Have you ever been super exicted to go to a store only to be bitterly disapointed? What about Inglot stores? Have I always been lucky? Are they not created equal?

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