Thursday, 17 April 2014

Miss Sporty Mono Eyeshadows

I love makeup, the only thing I like more than 'normal' makeup, is cheap makeup, GOOD cheap makeup.
In Australia, makeup is expensive, but the real annoyance is the difference between a 'drug store product', and a 'premium product' is not huge because 'drug store' brands are SO expensive.  In the UK ( and America, but I'm not living there) the most noticable difference is that the divide is bigger.  The premium products, are a bit cheaper, but the drug store products and HUGELY cheaper.  Further to this, there is a better range, so while the Loreal, Revlon and Max Factor products are readily available, and so are the Maybelline, Rimmel and Bourjois, there is, and always has been a good selection of even cheaper drug store brands.
Australian bloggers already know some of these secrets, such as the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, the MUA eyeshadows and the Sleek Palettes and blushes, but I'm going to showcase a few other items from a some other 'cheap' brands you might have never heard of.  Mostly just for fun.

Today, it is the turn of the Miss Sporty Mono Eyeshadow.  Most of you probably know that my relocation of the UK was not a move, but a move 'back'  I was born here, and lived here until I was 17. At that time, on a teenager's budget I used to use all of these brands, and I remember feeling like there was a higherachy of drugstore products, with Miss Sporty and Collection (Collection 2000 back then) at the bottom.  Isn't it funny that 12 years later, on a grown up budget, I am now CHOOSING to buy these products, because if there is one thing that (sometimes) comes with age, it is wisdom, wisdom that 'names' don't mean a thing when it comes to quality.  So without further a do....

Miss Sporty Mono Eyeshadows in Candy -a metalic teal and Romance a matte pinkish bone colour, with just the slightest hint of a micro glitter.

I must admit, when I bought these, I actually bought them for my 4 year old, who has decided makeup is fantastic, and rather than let him have my Inglot palettes to play with, I decided to buy him his own.  At £2 each, I figured it was the best bet.  HOWEVER, when I got them home and swatched them, I fell in love, needless to say I bought Jamie some other ones.

You can't really see romance, maybe the hit of a pale matte finish to the left of Candy, and this photo doesn't even begin to do justice to the stunning pearl finish Candy has.

I wore these colour together, over a primer (of course) Romace as the base and then Candy throught the crease, they easily managed the full day, although that might have been due to the hard working primer.

The only real issue I have with these are the names, Romance is a true nude shade, so I suppose I could see the name choice, but Candy? Where the hell are you getting metalic teal Candy? 

Am I missing something? If you can shed some light on this name choice, answers on a could just leave a comment.

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