Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Review

When Rae Morris released a new set of brushes, I was in 2 minds.
Do we all remember The Bitter Brush Debacle of 2012 (I knew that title would come in handy one day) So when I heard there was to be a new brush range released, I just wasn't sure how I felt.

Being the makeup brush addict I am, I was fighting a losing battle with myself.
I pre-ordered the Eye Brush set

I already had a few of the Kabuki set from the previous range, but they are still quite different.
I had 2 Flawless Shaders from the previous range, one, the original I was sent, which then leaked dye, and the second one that was a gift from Rae at IMATS, read about it here.
The new one is a perfect symmetrical and rounded brush.  
The new bristles, and EVEN SOFTER than the older range, and the handle looks more finished.  The brush does the same job, only now it is softer.

The Deluxe Kabuki is an unrecognisable upgrade from it's past self.  The brush is shorter, which isn't a bad thing, the bristles are denser and much more tapered.  It is less traditional looking than its predecessor, but functions better, there is now also a magnet in the end of this brush, which the last range left off the Kabuki brushes.

The most obvious physical different between the brushes is the shape and the magnet location.  On the old set it was in the ferrule, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but then we put the brushes in cups and they ALL stuck together, making it annoying to grab a single brush while working.  

On the new range they are located in the end of the brush, which is now flat.  There is a plate available to buy on which you can stand the brushes.  I have not purchased this, and have no immediate plans to do so.

The old brushes had a slant to the tip, which I think was purely for aesthetic reasons, what I have found from using these brushes over the past 2 years is that they get damaged from storage in a cup because of this shape, so I was glad to see this go.

The bristles are all softer than the originals, and I'm not sure why (maybe I got crap ones originally?) and nothing had been officially said about this.  When I spoke to Rae at IMATS in 2012, she said they she wasn't happy with the manufacturing and would be swapping, I don't know if this was before or at the same time as the new brush range.

All in all, I love these new brushes, some of them are just different coloured versions of the older brushes, such as the Mascara Applicator (I don't even use this, the idea of a metal comb that close to my eyes is a NO NO), and others which might seem this way, such as the Precision Bent Liner, are inexplicably better.

My stand out brushes from this range (of the brushes I have) are:

  • #2 Mini Kabuki- my new preferred highlighing brush
  • #3 Ultimate Cheekbone- lovely for contouring
  • #4 Square Kabuki - perfect for under the eyes
  •  #8 Point Shader -  really great smaller blending brush, perfect for blending up into the brown bone
  •  #8.5 Crème Shadow Shader -  great general blending brush
  •  #9 Detail Precision Shader - perfect, of my eyes at least for blending IN the crease, I do this while my eye is open and this being is a bit small is perfect. Ideal fro a cut crease.
  • #11 Medium Oval Shader - perfect for placing colour on the lid, especially the base colour
  • #15 Precision Bent-Liner - just works, generally I do not love bent liners, I refer angle liners, but this is a great brush.

  • Eventually I would like to add to this collection, but in immediate future, my eyes are set on the Wayne Goss Brush Set because I think they look like a great set of Hakuhodo brushes.

    Do you have any of these brushes? What are your favourite brushes? What do I need to try next?

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