Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick review

I love a good eye shadow stick/crayon/pencil.  I am a complete sucker for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Shadow Pencils or the NYX Jumbo eye pencils and I am convinced these a darn good dupe of either bot both.  Described as a 24hr waterproof eye shadow pencil, they do pretty much the same thing, at a fraction the cost.  They are not as soft as the NYX pencils and sadly, do not seem to come in the huge range of colours that the NYX ones too.

These are the colours Bullet Proof Beige, which is actually more of a golden shimmer and Tempting Turquoise, which is as the name suggests a turquoise colour.

This is a better picture of my tattoo than a swatch.

I've worn these for a full day, although I have not challenged the 24hr claim, because I can't stay up that long and don't sleep with makeup on.

On the lids they are not in the least bit sticky or greasy, which it a pet peeve of mine, I hate being able to 'feel' a cream shadow, it MUST set immediately.

I initially bought the 'Beige' to use as a base for colour, but the more I use it, the more I like it worn alone or with a darker colour through the crease.

Colour pay off for these as well as the others in the range is great for the cash and I thoroughly recommend these if you are in the least bit interested in eye shadow pencils or want to give one a try.

A quick search of the Priceline website tells me these are available in Australia at $12.95 OR you can buy them from ASOS for less (but there is a smaller range of colour) and free delivery.

Eye shadow pencils, love em? Hate em? let me know.

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