Monday, 14 November 2011

Trying to be organised...

I do try to be organised and these babies help A LOT!
This is a Z-Palette, its a fully customisable palette with a magnetic base, it means you can de-pot your shadows and blushes and put them all in this one place(or in my case, 4 places).  They have a clear top so you can see your colours and they will hold about 28 MAC sized shadows but you can obviously place any size of shape of shadow in these, which means you can buy refills which are so much cheaper.  If the pans are not magnetic you will need some magnetic tape of paper, you can get them from the website of try your local craft store.

All the information and to buy them go to the Z-Palette website and international shipping is available.  For an extra 10% off, find these guys on Facebook and 'like' them. 

If you have even just a few eye shadows but you're sick of opening and closing them when creating a look, these are well worth looking into.

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