Monday, 14 November 2011

More Beauty on a Budget

DB is a relatively new, low budget brand but I LOVE IT.  I recently partook in an international makeup swap (as soon as I get my goodies, expect pictures! see what Glamtrotter says here) I wanted a good mix of brands, so I sent some beloved Furless brushes, some Chi Chi and some Australis, because it practically has Australia in the name (it was all going to the US) and some DB just to make it up to the dollar amount we had agreed on.  The feed back on the highlighter was phenomenal, Amber compared it with Benefit High Beam, which retails in Australia for around $50+ price range, the DB one was free with purchase, but nothing in the DB range is over $20.

Recently, I've been trying their eye makeup.
This palette came with a free eye primer so I can comment on its performance too.
These eye shadows are really pigmented.  I'm so in love with the pink I even wore it to work.

They're great and really really affordable.  (If memory serves me right they were abourt $6)

The eye primer is good, between the primer and the quality if these shadows my eye makeup manged a full work day and then some, so over 12 hrs.  It feels a little slimy on your fingers and I will admit it feels sticky on the lids at first, but then I'm used to UD Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance so I'm probably being overly critical.  I couldn't find the price on a shadow primer but as the rest of the line is pretty cheap I think its safe to assume this will be too.  I personally have decided that this primer is wonderful for every day and I can preserve my UD and Too Faced for the times when I REALLY need a hard working primer.

On the whole you can't go wrong with these shadows.  They are priced well enough that even if you only want a specific colour for 1 night they it won't break the bank.

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