Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bellapierre; most certainly bella.

Mineral makeup isn't new, it is just suddenly readily available.  During one of my spending sprees on OzsaleBuy Invite or Brands Exclusive (I forget which one but all 3 regularly carry the products) I purchased a Bellapierre 'Get Started Kit', because it looked cool, and it seemed like a good buy for 4 products and 3 brushes. 
When it arrived I was excited, but when I opened the box and saw a DVD, it put me off, I mean, what the hell kind of product comes with an instructional DVD? Terrifying.

This evening I decided to bite the bullet and watch the DVD, most of it was promotional blurb, which is annoying, I've already bought the product, stop trying to sell it to me.
However I did get a helpful tip, use the concealer brush to do under the eyes first, really I thought, a powder concealer? hmmm...

So I followed the basic instructions; powder on brush, tap, buff etc WOW, I was amazed, not convinced by my opinion I did what any self respecting makeup fanatic would do....I did half my face and asked my mum for her opinion...she's not backwards about disliking many of the makeup looks I create, she is at least nice enough to say things like 'well, it wouldn't be my taste, but I suppose you can get away with it' or 'mm hmm' which I firmly believe is her version of "if you have nothing nice to say...say nothing" NOT THIS TIME this time, I got 'I agree, it looks good, come closer, yeah, its fabulous, I'll let you do my makeup with that sometime' Well, you can't get better praise than that in this house.

I have got some other things by the same company, some glitter and a liquid liner you can dunk in them to create any colour liner, eventually I'll try those, but in the mean time, I'm pretty happy with this lot. 

A few things worth mentioning; is that this kit is unlikely to ever be a 'just throw it on in the morning' type makeup, its too messy to do quickly, although, it doesn't exactly take ages.  I also believe there is a pressed version available for quick mess free application.  All details can be found on the Bellapierre website.

Finally just to give a further example of how much I liked how this looked, I took a heap of pictures to show but they all sucked due to bad lighting, but, I was willing to show my face....

Oh, and powder concealer... yes, it works, under eyes, blemishes all manner of sins, who'd have thunk it....

Picture courtesy of Bellapierre because my photos refused to load but I had to rave about this product.

NB: I've just checked the website, it says this kit retails for $200.... I DID NOT PAY THAT. So, if you're interested, keep your eyes open for the deals.  Now I know how good it is I will too, I'll post on my twitter if I spot a sale.

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