Monday, 14 November 2011

Number 10.

I'm not naming names here, I don't name and shame in public....but recently I bought a lipstick I thought would be my number 1.  I'm constantly looking for the perfect red and I thought this was it.  I tried the tester then had to go to 4 different shops because they were all out. 
Brilliant colour, great finish, good price, BAD TASTE in my mouth. 
I love a long lasting lippie as much as the next slightly-lazy-likely-to-be-drinking-wine-and-therefore-forget/fail-the reapplying-process BUT why? oh why? oh why? do they have to leave such an awful taste in your mouth and the back of your throat?  I wore mine all night, I did have a few alcoholic drinks which no doubt made the staying power falter, and that in turn perhaps meant I consumed more lippie than normal, but surely when they develop lippie they expect this?  Are you seriously expected to wear BRIGHT RED lip stick just to stay at home and look pretty, don't talk...don't move, don't touch that glass...I doubt it, especially if it is advertised by a model particularly known for her partying...(I could make a statement about not putting lipstick up your nose, but you know, its too easy) anyway, when I got home I brushed my teeth TWICE and rinsed with mouthwash, it was still there...creepily creeping.

OK so maybe the trek to 4 different shops built this product up in my mind, and maybe I should give it a 2nd chance when I'm not out, or at least not out having drinks... maybe it  IS worth a 2nd try, that's just HOW MUCH I love this colour.

OK, sorry, rant over.

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