Monday, 14 November 2011

Not a Lip Gloss Lady.

I can't wear white, I always get it dirty, I can't get out of a car with my knees together, I said the "F word" ALOT so it probably comes as no surprise I'm not the girliest girl.  With my inability to act like a lady I have also grown to dislike lip gloss....I'm getting there, but I just can't take the sticky feeling, I CAN NOT un-stick my hair from it without looking stupid....I'm not a fan.... BUT THEN Furless came to my rescue.  We all know I can't rave more about their products, I send them to strangers in other lands (here's the proof) I share their posts on Facebook to advertise them to my international friends, I LOVE their products. 
Included in one of my orders was a lip gloss, a Pout Glamour lip gloss to be precise, I tried it- its free, can't hurt.  OMG its lovely, sort of minty and NOT STICKY!!!! It doesn't have a colour written on it but its lush.  Well worth a go...

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