Monday, 14 November 2011

Jozelle Alginate & Vitamin E Mask

I was lucky enough to get to review a product for Makeupnet recently, it was a Jozelle Alginate & Vitamin E Mask.
Here's what I said:
The mask itself was easy to make up once you got passed the technical terms used in the instructions,  I’m a scientist so I understood them fully but sadly I do not have access to a still at home to use distilled water, so given we are on tank water I opted for cooled boiled water as this was the purest I could manage.  Given the basis of the mask and the warnings about seafood allergies I expected a seaweedy smell at the very least but was pleasantly surprised to find it was just really clean smelling, light and fresh.
Application of the mask was easy and quite fun too, it was lovely and cooling when placed on the face, once it started to dry it began to tighten but it was a gentle tightening feeling rather than something harsh like a lot of peel off masks.  We waited a little while and then peeling off the mask time.  This bit was fun in a creepy way.  On the inside of the mask it was visible where it had been, every pore and line appeared.  On my skin it felt smooth and lovely but the real magic was when I took it off my mother’s 60+, somewhat sun damaged face and the difference was visible immediately.  The skin appeared lighter and certainly visibly smoother, any redness had gone and I certainly believe a few of the lines,  I was amazed.  Needless to say I jumped onto the computer to see how much this mask would set us back, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was not going to cost an arm and a leg.
Sadly the following morning most of the magic hard worn off but the smoothness and the lack of redness was still visible.  Given the time this mask took to make up, apply and use I was very pleased with the results and will certainly be buying it in the future.

Yes yes readers, a little more formal than my usual rants about stuff I like, but remember, I was a guest in someone else's blog....
Anyway, it was an amazing mask, anyone who knows me knows I'm not selling my fake opinion...

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