Monday, 14 November 2011

Makeup Sources

I have always believed that the source of makeup does not determine its quality, I've had some super expensive eyeshadows which lack pigment, and I've had some cheap ones that rocked socks... 
I refuse to believe that 'Drug-store' brands such as those you will find in your local chemist, Target or K-mart are of any less value to a makeup lover than the likes of MAC, Urban Decay or Too Faced.  I think they all have a place,  To be honest, if I gave up on the 'drug-store' brands I'd have nowhere to buy makeup locally (well almost). 

If I read in a blog 'I don't believe in drug-store brands' I close it.  In Australia, the difference between a Revlon lip stick and a MAC one could be as little as $10.  The truth is that makeup is expensive here, and with that I present "Kink"

Kink is sold at Coles, which means its easy to get and so totally goes down as 'grocery items' in your budget right?

At about $6 each and more often than not, on a 3 for 2 special (ooo free) that makes them incredibly affordable.  Sadly the 3rd picture of my nice neutral coloured eyeshadow in its packet didn't load BUT i have this:

Its a really nice neutral beige light brown (i don't like the work beige) with a hint of sparkle about it.  I love if for under any colour and as an all over lid colour for work.  Its simple, clean but with just a little shimmer.

Cheap and functional, perfect for an every day eyeshadow.  Check out Kink at your local Coles There is no way to write that and it not sound seedy.  Silly name, good product, check it out.

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