Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Makeup Box- Stash Flash

Warning, if you hate Flash your Stash type posts- Feel free to jog on.

While at Beauty Blogger's Utopia, the wonderful sponsors The Makeup Box Shop gave each of us a mini makeup box.

When I got home form Sydney (actually, I was on the train) I found out I have won a large one in Sophie's giveaway comp over at Born to Buy.

I've been pretty much drooling over these since I came across the site, and I had decided that once my makeup room is up and running I would get one.  Well, fate intervened and I haven't had to (but I probably still will, because they are lovely)

I've devoted the smaller of the 2 to eye products, and the larger to 'items used most often' I have also put the makeup form my Project 100 Pan in there so I remember to use it. 
I can guarantee what is in these boxes now, might not be in 3 months, I find rearranging my makeup to be quite relaxing and these babies help!

Here's some photos of them full:

Apart from being hardy and see through they also have handy little features like stoppers, so the drawers won't come out if you pull them a bit far.  Mostly they are pretty and functional! Win Win.

The larger of the 2 site brilliantly by my sink so I can get to my P100P items easily and quickly.

Who else has one of these delightful boxes?  Do you keep the contents the same or do you change them?


  1. I'm absolutely dying to get one of these boxes! I have it on my birthday wish list :)

    1. You won't regret it, they're brilliant.

  2. I love how you've used these and I love your cream eyeshadow collection. I filled the makeup box I got at BBU with lip products and put kohl pencils in the top but now I want to use it for gel liners and cream eyeshadows because what you've done looks brilliant!

    1. I always lose the little pots, I needed something that could fit them cream shadows and gel liners but that I could still see through. Perfect really.

  3. So glad you like it, Lizzin, and congratulations again! I love mine just as much and I need to get another!!

    1. I love it! Thank you!
      I think I'm going to buy one of the flip top ones next!


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