Sunday, 21 October 2012

Savvy by DB eyeliner review

I love cheap n cheerful stuff, and this liner is just that, retailing at under $10 this little number is a steal.
I can't find any info on Savvy online, which is a shame, but you'll find the products in Priceline, so far I've tried the foundations, the liners and the powders and for the minimal cash outlay, I've been super impressed!

Grab them when you see them, this eyeliner is super soft and easy to put on, it's not the most pigmented liner I've ever owned, but it might be the cheapest, which means it get my seal of approval!



  1. I have so many Savvy eyeliner pencils, they would have to be my favourite and they're just so cheap! I'm surprised I don't hear more raves about them to be honest.

    1. I think people are skeptical about 'cheap' products... also, trying to find out about the brand is near on impossible!


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