Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mo Makuep Mo Coffee

Great title right? well it's because this isn't about Makeup or Coffee, not really.  (no makeup no coffee...heh heh ohmyiamsofunny)

Anyway it's about Movember, now I know lots of us girls hate it, 30 days for which most of it our male friends, co-workers, family members etc. look like we should call them Sanchez and keep them away from our kids, jokes aside it does raise awareness for 2 things very close to my heart.  Men's Mental health (it's not OK to cry, toughen up....urgh) and Prostate cancer- 1 in 9 men will develop Prostate Cancer- take a look around, for me that would be a large percentage of my co-workers, its a 72:25 men to women ratio at my work place.

Why do I care so much? Well, you see while in my last year of Uni, my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  It was a shock, because he had no symptoms, but his Grandfather (my Great Grandfather) had died from it, so we were aware it runs in our family. It didn't make it easier to hear and it didn't make the fight easier to watch.  He's fine now, but he was sick. It was scary.

For the month of November I will me a Mosista, supporting my team the Cheesy Mo's to raise money for the cause.  I will personally be donning moustache earrings, a ring and out fit permitting a necklace.  Because it's what I can do to support the boys.

If you feel so inclined, you can sponsor me by heading over to my page here and throwing some money at the cause.

If you can't, that's OK too, perhaps you could utilise this and rock it like you grew it:

OR maybe just tell the next Cheesy Mo you spot he's doing a good thing!

FTR we are totes having a comp at works and there is a prize for the most money raised and I'd love to kick the boy's butts! Just sayin....


  1. Ohh November, the month my italian father looks like a seedy mexican sex offender. He unfortuantely uses it as an excuse to grow facial hair my mother won't allow any other time when he should be raising money!

    1. That month indeed! It's about this time of the month that all the movember dudes look creepiest!


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