Thursday, 18 October 2012

Project Pan Update

I really wanted to do a September Empties type post, but seeing as how we're halfway through October, it seems a little bit late!
Instead, I'll give you a little update on my P100P, I'm actually managing quite well! IMATS I think helped, I gave myself that entire weekend to buy whatever I wanted and in true junkie style, this has help me over, much better than having 6 coffees one day and none the next, so in fact, not junkie style at all....
Moving on...

Of the above products, I love the Natural Source shower gel and will repurchase post P100P, I had actually repurchased the mousse pre-P100P because I knew it was getting low, the Clinique toner is great but pricey and the Derma is cheap but not great.

I took this shot with my phone and I don't know why, but it rotates them when I upload them, but you can see them.  I probably wouldn't repurchase any of these.  The Natio wipes are a great idea but they stung my love.

SO that's 7 (The small toner and the small Natio scrub are 1) down and 93 to go....:S

How's everyone PPs going? I know there are a few of you doing them!


  1. I was trying to decide how i wanted to count sample products but you've kind of answered it for me. I was thinking two samples make a product too!
    Great work, Lizzi!

  2. Those natio eye makeup remover wipes stung my eyes to! So badly I had the worst allergic reaction to them too :(

    1. I don't even have sensitive skin, but these were mean, also, quite rough for an eye wipe!

  3. great work on the empties lovely. You are doing so well.

    1. Thanks, I'm actually doing much better than I expected!

  4. Replies
    1. This month has been even better! :) its a bit fun really!


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