Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Idiot Proof Makeup

I probably like to think I'm better with makeup than I actually am...but I don't care.  I love playing with makeup and as long as I'm happy with how it looks what more is there?  Makeup is mostly personal choice, so, if I want to wear BRIGHT aqua shadows, I will and I have friends who hate it....but i don't care.  As far as my skills go? I'm pretty good with a blending brush, I can line my eyes like a demon and wing it if necessary (in every sense of the phrase).  I know where the blush should sit, I can cover all kinds of skin sins with concealers of different shades and types, and, as a single mum of a 2 yr old I know EXACTLY how to fake that 'I'm awake and radiant' look. 
Having said that, I have Scottish skin and a paranoia of looking orange, so I'm not so great with bronzer etc.  I'm also lazy, so if something can be make quick to allow me extra snooze time? I'M ON IT!  Thankfully I'm not the 1st and I WILL NOT be the last to feel this, as I pay more attention to new products, go to cosmetics parties with my novice friends and read more how-tos I am becoming more and more aware of a whole world DEVOTED to fast, easy and therefore idiot proof makeup. 
Let me just say though, I am in no way calling the users of these products idiots, well maybe, I sort of am, BUT I  am including myself in that too.

I don't have any pictures for this topic that aren't individual products, so instead here is a picture of the reason I learnt to look awake with makeup. - Raiding the jam cupboard.

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