Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Idiot Proof Makeup Item 1. - Nutrimetics Smokey Eye Stick

Nutrimetics, in my opinion,  has, for years, been over looked as a source of great products, it was makeup and stuff sold by your friend's Nan, that was daggy and ugly... not any more.  Modern Nutrimetics has really stepped it up in order to compete with many other brands. 
Our local consultant is BRILLIANT and lets us hold Nutrimetics parties at her house so we can really try before we buy. (it is probably easier for her not to lug the stuff around, but its SO much easier for us, not to worry about getting our living rooms clear) with that, I have a few products that I have bought that I want to share.  First off the ranks is the Smokey Eye Stick.

This little doova (yes, it is a word...now) is so clever.  It really is fool proof, there is no holding it a certain way to make it work, so you can hold it at any angle to get the job done.

What they say: "Super easy smokey eyes. It has never been this easy to get perfect smokey eyes. The nc Smokey Eye Stick has an easy to apply, glide-on formula that blends beautifully and will last all night. In a delightfully embellished case it is a makeup bag essential and your solution to party eyes."

I'd agree with most of that, except the embellished case, it looks a little like a Christmas decoration, but that's got nothing to do with the ability of the product.  Basically, to use it, you line your whole eye, then smudge it, add mascara and you're done.  Unless you're like me, that is too simple to you'll probably add some shadows, maybe some highlighter to the brow bone, line the water line etc...but the point is, you don't HAVE to.  It is a more or less stand alone product, and most importantly, its fun. 
I was worried that because it glides on so easily it would feel sticky, but it didn't, I also thought because it smudged so well it would come off and smudge everywhere through the evening, but it didn't.  I have seen this product used by 3 different people (in 3 different looks) through a whole evening and not one looked like she 'walked into a door' at any point.  It held up well and still looked good late into the evening.

I do declare this makeup *Idiot Proof* 

You can find the Smokey Eye Stick here or contact your local Nutrimetics consultant.

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