Sunday, 29 January 2012

Essence Vampire's Love Volumizing Lash Powder

I loved the idea of this stuff, powder you put on your lashes to make them appear thicker and longer.  I am hopeless with falsies soooo I need all the help I can get.
It comes from Target for a reasonable-for-an-experiment price of about $6.
Instructions tell you to coat your lashes in mascara, use the brush as you would a mascara wand to adhere powder to lashes and then seal with another coat of mascara.

I did that, it looked good, it really did, I felt like I had something in my eye ALL day and I was completely paranoid that I would have missed a bit and someone would tell me I have 'fluff' in my lashes.  Thankfully, this wasn't the case- although why can't they make it black, or in an assortment of colours for fun?

The next time I used it, is tipped my head forward so that I was looking over my mirror, the effect wasn't as good doing it this way but I did at least manage to avoid the dreaded 'something in my eye-must rub-have to rub-must rub my eye' feeling.  From then on this is how I used it and I think its cool to make spidery lashes for a night out.

My biggest complaint is the design of the packaging, 1. I have to keep the little plastic box because I'm worried about loosing the wand (although I have a stash of disposable so not sure why) and 2. It doesn't lend itself to the function of the product, you can't get the stuff on the brush, either you jab it in which is near on impossible or as I do you tip a bit out and roll the brush end in it.  Maybe a flatter design would make more sense, but for $6 what do you expect?

If like me you suck at applying false lashes, this is a great idea, if however you don't suck, I'd suggest the lashes are easier.

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