Monday, 9 January 2012

The Dirty (half) Dozen

OK, so it is no surprise to ANYONE that I have a lot of beauty products, I've only ever touched pan on about 3 eye shadows and 1 blush- the only reason I used so much blush was because expertly applying it to parts of the face/body did a good enough job of making me look sick, this in turn got me out of gym classes in school, it wasn't the classes I hated, so much as the requirement to wear bottle green cheap nylon shorts....yuck.  I digress....I have lots of stuff.  SO, to encourage me to 1. Use up some stuff and 2. Not buy any more stuff, I have collected together a few items I will use up PRIOR to buying ANY more...
I will:
  • Use up these products, posting pictures of empty packaging as I do so.
  • Not buy any new items until I have done so.  (gifts don't count and items order before today that have not yet arrived are also obviously excluded)
So without further ado, I present the 6 items (technically 7 but 2 items are the same)

Item 1.  Clinique City Block, this item is one which I SHOULD use every day, and I'm slack so I don't, BUT if I include it here I have to.  Win Win Item 2. Physicians Formula baked eye shadow.  Good stuff, nice neutral colours, was a gift with some other eBay purchases, really need to use it up, takes up a lot of space. - I plan to use all of these but realistically the lighter 2 will go 1st.
Item 3: Nutrimetics lippie in "Sugary" every year my Relay for Life team have a lip-stick drive, these babies come down to $10 and a percentage goes to our team in aid of the Cancer Council....its my part for charity, but I should really use this one up before the next drive.
Item 4: Australis eyeshadow in "Electra" these shadows and great, smooth, brilliant colour, a must have for a fool proof smokey eye, so its about time I used them up. Again, I plan to use all 3 colours but the silver will be gone first.
Item 5: Mirenesse Absolutely Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in "Sheer Pearl" this is a sample size, its good stuff so it needs used up so I can decide whether its worth purchasing 
Item 6(&7): Rimmel eye liners in "Jet Black".  This has been my liner of choice for as long as I can remember. They get smallish so I replace them, these need used up- to a point where sharpening them is too difficult.

I think I've included a fair selection of stuff, its not like I can ONLY use these products, its just that nothing gets bought until they're gone.  No promises though...I am only human.


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