Friday, 20 January 2012

Essence Sun Club Range - Gel Liner

Essence, is a relatively new brand on the shelves of Target stores.  I've already written about the You Rock range, but another range is the "Sun Club", it seems a bit late for the Australian summer (I use the term loosely as the weather has been unsure as to what season it is) but that won't stop me loving it.

First off the ranks in the gel liner.  I was immediately drawn to this because of the colour, I'm a sucker for teals/aquas/blue/greens and anything similar.  I bought BBC All Night Blue. It claims to be waterproof, and as it is a gel liner you obviously apply it with a brush which is also available and which I purchased also.  The Liner retails at about AU$6 and the brush at about AU$3.

I have to apologise for the lack/quality of these photos, but its not the easiest thing to capture.
This is the container, pretty standard, small screw top jar.  Its about as easy to apply as any other gel liners, if you can use them you will be laughing with this.

As for being waterproof....BIG YES.  Once it had dried, its damn near impossible to get off.  I still have some on my hand from cleaning the brush... My test was to wash the rest of my face, without rubbing my eyes.  Sure sure, a real life beach test might have been more authentic BUT if it had failed I would have had blue running down my face.  Best avoided by a controlled my bathroom.

So basically.....
Colour selection....its a summer line so mostly brights, but with some neutrals and even a black, I don't know how this black differs from the non 'Sun Club' it is the same price. B for Bordering on Awesome.
Price....It is less than $10 for a waterproof gel liner A+ for Awesome+
Wearability....I'll wear any colour, except yellow, I'm just not sure about yellow eye makeup.... BUT A for Awesome.
Durability....If you're not sure you want a tattoo yet, but you want to give it a try, these liners would be perfect for a trial, long lasting, waterproof etc A. for yep, you guessed it Awesome.

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