Thursday, 6 September 2012

Where's Lizzi?

I know I've been MIA for a while, far longer than I thought I would be...most of you know, either personally, via Twitter or Facebook that I have been moving house. 
As if moving house didn't take enough time and energy, I have of course the usual unpacking, deciding where stuff goes, deciding I don't like that, changing it, changing it again; dramas, but I have a whole other set too....

The house I've moved into is brand new, I bought the land, then I chose to build on it.  It's not until you move into a completely new house that you realised just what comes in an established house, that you take for granted.

I've had to put up curtain rods, to keep out prying (nosy) eyes, I had to get gravel delivered for the drive way, and of course it needed moved and flattened (which i refused to pay someone today and instead joined forces with a few good friends to do it ourselves), on top of all of that I work full time and I have an overly energetic 3yr old to run around after.  As if planned- my dear parents, who are duty bound to help me move, happened to be in Canada, so all in all I've have HEAPS to do and not enough time to do it. 
Then when I finally get settled enough to get back to blogging, the weather is terrible, how does this affect my blog? Well, I like natural light to take pictures, I haven't yet worked out where in my new house I can use artificial light and not get a million shadows...I'll get there I'm sure....

In the mean time, I am stashing lots of great post ideas in my head for everyone to look forward to, such as:

Tattoo concealers- You don't have to hide your tattoos, but its nice to know you can.

US Haul: While my parents were travelling through the US I took the opportunity to give them a massive shopping list- How did my mum interpret it?

Empties: Now I'm in a bigger house and I have more space, I can finally show you how much (or little) I go through in a month.

Favourites: Again, with more space I can begin to share my faves with you, it used to be so hard because I coudn't find anything when I wanted to...

My Space: The new house has a room that on the plans was deemed the 'study' its not, the only studying going on in there will be to do with makeup!

Makeup: Hows it all going, did I finish my course? Did I get that folio in, have I been doing anything since? You know I have and I'm bursting to share.

Didn't Illamasqua just release a new collection AND drop their Australian prices? oh yes, you know what that means....A FULL HAUL POST!

Bargains: With a new house and therefore full mortgage, money is tighter that usual, so I'm on the hunt for bargain makeup.

As well as these there will the usual Rants, Raves and Reviews...coming soon!
Please stick with me, I'm sure it will be worth it!


  1. Good luck hun; when I moved into my unit 2 yrs ago, it took a year to unpack everything lol! (Heaps of renos ensued and are still happening :)) I like the sound of the new post ideas I look forward to reading them!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping because I'm moving from my parents to the new house I can move a bit, unpack it, move a bit more etc, thus not trip over boxes...


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