Thursday, 20 September 2012

US Makeup Haul Part 2- Brushes

I love makeup brushes, I mean LOVE them.  I keep them clean, I have lots to afford me this luxury and Sunday nights in my house are 'dance around the kitchen and wash the makeup brushes' night.

I wrote an article for Makeup Utopia on Dirty Brushes being gross.  Since then my mum as taken a very active interest in my makeup brushes, and so while she was in the US she bought me more brushes...

Eye brushes from MAC and Sephora, and a brush set from Sephora;

You might remember from this picture in US Haul Part 1, that I said I would address the silver case separately?

This is why...

They are an anti-bacterial set, I haven't researched their claims*, for the simple reason I don't want to disprove them.  I could, but in the mean time I'm enjoying my naive bliss.

It's actually got a good range of brushes in it, I often find that brush sets have maybe 3 brushes that I'll use and the rest are a bit shit.

If this wasn't enough, I also got this:

Not a bad haul of brushes from a lady who routinely states 'don't you have enough brushes' I say state because I see it as a rhetorical question, because clearly the answer is- no, NEVER!

How do you treat your brushes? do you wash them often? never? only when you drop them? 
Do you think there is such a thing as 'too many' makeup brushes (I'd prefer you didn't answer that)
Mmmmm makeup brushes!

*Usually 'Anti-bacterial' brushes are coated with an agent which, 1, will wash off eventually and 2. Is only tested for certain types of bacteria, nasty and reasonably rare ones, and I doubt that in tests they 'dose' the brushes to ensure they do in fact work to kill 'germs' as much as they test for the presence. 
Usually the 2 commons ones are Escherichia.coli (or E.coli as it is usually known) which we all know is nasty and makes you very sick, and Staphylococcus aureus (or Staph.a an organism commonly found on the skin, bat can cause serious issues if an over abundance occurs) anyway, although serious, these are not the only form of bacteria you might find on your brushes, further to that, many organisms, such as yeasts or moulds AND viruses will not necessarily respond to an anti-BACTERIAL agent, because they are not bacterias in the true form of the word.  BUT they might still cause reactions, breakouts and are gross.
ANY WAY enough science, this is why I won't test them and I'll still wash them like usual!


  1. I know you love brushes, so get excited for #BBU12 - you'll be in brush heaven!

    1. I am beyond excited! You have no idea!


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