Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Urban Decay Smoked Palette -Swatches and Thoughts

When UD started sending emails out about the new palette, I got excited, "Biggest thing since Naked" they said, well, I was sucked in and I read the reviews from the US bloggers and I liked what I saw, so as soon as Beauty Bay sent out their email to say they had it, I jumped on it immediately.

OOOO the box...

What's in the box?!

You get the palette, a mini Primer Potion and a 'look book'

This is a great addition to the palette, I can do a smokey eye with my eyes closed (ba doom tish) but not everyone can, and varying the classic to one with colour, can be tricky, so having a 'look book' is a great feature.

The other thing I love about this palette versus Naked or Naked 2 is the packaging, its in a reasonably sturdy feeling zip up case.  Rather than a travel unfriendly tin.

Clever design, I like it.

On the inside you have a mirror (huzzah!) 10 shadows- 5 of which are exclusive to this palette, and a full size 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Perversion- matte black.

The shadows:
  • Kinky – Light natural peach with a matte finish.
  • Freestyle – Medium tan with a matte finish.
  • Mushroom – Warm grey shimmer with taupe undertones.
  • Backdoor – Matte dark brown.
  • Blackout – Matte blackest black.
  • Barlust – Metallic deep golden brown.
  • Rockstar – Deep purple shimmer.
  • Evidence – Navy blue shimmer.
  • Loaded – Deep metallic emerald green.
  • Asphalt – Shimmering gunmetal grey.

  • As you can see, for my skin tone, those palest colours are going to rock for blending into the brow bone. The shadows themselves and soft velvety and smooth.

    The only thing this palette misses that were present in both Naked palettes is the brush, but I don't mind because I prefer to use my own.  Having said that, this is a perfect palette for travel as it has the liner and the mirror, so the brush would have been a great addition to make this a great set.

    I bought this for AU$56.80, although it is US$49.00 on the UD website, I weighed up the pros and cons of how I'd get it, if my mum could get in while in the US and decided the difference really want too bad.  I've heard a lot of negative things about The Beauty Bay, but personally have never had any issues.

    Thoughts on the "Biggest thing since Naked"? Do you think smokey eye is enough of a 'look' to require a whole palette, value for money or not?


    1. I've heard a few bad things about BB in my time too, but I couldn't be happier with them and their service. I might have to add this palette to my list.

      1. You may well have to, I love that it has the matte pale neutrals to allow seemless blending! It really could be a complete little kit if it had a brush or you know, 5!

    2. the colour is really great! thanks for sharing!!
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      1. They are great colours, good pigmentation!

    3. This looks so lovely. I don't know if this would be good for me, I tend to do browny or grey smoky eyes if I venture there. But there is nothing wrong with having plenty of smoky eye options, exactly why this palette is awesome for it :D

      1. There is a few browns and greys in here, then you could just add extra colour! Don't know if you don't try!

    4. Oooh, this looks pretty! If only I could justify more shadows...

      1. Its not 'just' more shadows, its a complete palette devoted to smokey eyes....
        It's easy to justify if you need it! :)
        But yes, very pretty which, is why I had to have it!


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