Tuesday, 11 September 2012

US Haul

You might have picked up from my previous post about where I've been, that my parents were recently in the US and Canada (thus missing helping me move)- what kind of makeup enthusiast would I be if I didn't send them with a list of goodies to look out for and bring home.

I didn't just send a list, for the items from Sephora I copied the pictures into a document, then I used their hotel address in Seattle to locate and create maps for the closest 3 Sephoras.  I organised them in order of closest by walking distance.  I was NOT leaving anything to chance(by chance I mean- "We didn't see a Sephora"<because they wouldn't be looking!>)

For the items from MAC I gave rough briefs of what I wanted.  I depotted my eye shadows a while back and the store I took them to here for Back 2 MAC refused to take them without the pans...rude... SO I sent them to the US with my mum.  Instead of listing colours of shadows, I chose lippies and gave descriptions like 'soft nude colour' 'neutral:1-2 shades darker than lip colour' etc, told mum the MUA would help decipher this.

This haul is massive so for this post I'm just including a picture of (almost) all of it.  Other stuff was found while unpacking further, in later posts I will cover them all in a bit more detail. Perhaps splitting them into categories, I'm not sure 1 post would do it, OR it would be gigantic.

Weeow, that's a lot of makeup...

I'm pretty sure my mum is a closet makeup lover, she loves the way it looks, but never wears it, never learnt how to put it on....it's safe to say she was not an influence in my makeup loving. Perhaps the opposite.  I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until my mid-late teens and even then it was because she gave up telling me to wash my face... Either way, I don't care, because she is supporting the hell out of this.

Thanks mum, (she doesn't even read my blog) you won't ever know how grateful I am for the support of something that so many professional parents would dismiss. (my parents are a doctor and a Professor of medicine, so declaring I was studying to me a MUA could have gone down like a lead balloon- it didn't and every day I am surprised and thankful)

Any requests for what I show off first?


  1. Please do a post of the sephora gems xx

    1. I will do doing posts on ALL the gems!
      I think I'm going to split them into product types, eyes, face etc

  2. Oooh the lipsticks sound interesting, nice haul!

    1. I for got the names of the lipsticks, I was going to do that post today!!! They will have their very own post!


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